The Kanara College Society has a Governing Body ( G.B.) headed by President. There is also a Chairman, a Secretary and other office bearers. The G.B. meets every quarter or whenever necessary. The Peer Team was glad to note that the committee works coherently and efficiently. There is also close rapport between the Principal and the Management. The college has an efficient internal auditing and monitoring mechanism. The G.B. of Kanara College Society is the apex body for the college. The college has an inbuilt mechanism to check the efficiency of the administrative staff. The Principal monitors the work of the non teaching staff.

The academic calendar is worked well in advance and it is followed to the extent possible. The appointments of the teachers are done as per the Karnataka University and the State Government rules. A course was offered for the non teaching staff to make them computer literate in the year 2003-2004. The fees for various courses are as prescribed by the University.

The college has various welfare measures for the students and the teachers. The students are given financial support on the basis of merit and socio economic background and employees Co-operative Credit Society looks after the needs of the staff.