Synthesis, spectral, characterisation and antimicrobial studies of transition metal complexes with 2-benzimidazolyl mercaptoaceto hydrozones.

Synopsis of the Project Report of UGC Sponsored Minor Research Project


Principal Investigator

Dr. Girish T. Kuchinad,

Associate  Professor in Chemistry, 


KUMTA – 581 343,


F.No: MRP(S)-515 /09-10/KAKA087/UGC- SWRO

Date : 30-11-2009


Project Title

Synthesis, Spectral, Characterisation And Antimicrobial Studies Of Transition Metal Complexes With 2-Benzimidazolyl Mercaptoaceto Hydrozones.

The zone of inhibition of the ligands and their corresponding complexes were measured. It was found that the antifungal activity of ligands enhances with complexes. Among the complexes th copper complexes were found to have greater antifungal activity than corresponding Cobal and Nickel complexes.

The antioxidant properties of the representative complexes were studied at various concentrations. The values obtained indicated that the complexes under study do not possess sufficient anti-oxidant properties to be considered for the further studies.

The ligands and complexes were studied for Hyaluronidase inhibition activity.


The analytical data of the 3d bivalent metal complexes suggested that 1:2 metal to ligand stochiometry. The IR spectral data reveals that the ligand exhibits in enol form and acts as monobasic tridentate nature, which is further confirmed form 1H-NMR studies. The molar conductance values suggested that non-electrolytic behavior of all the complexes. The complexes are said to be paramagnetic except Zn(II) complexes. IR data suggested that enolisation of >C=O group further deprotanation during complexation. Thus based on the above studies  the ML2 complex having octahedral structure. Ligands are tested for their antibacterial and antifungal activites. From the data, it is observed that ligands are weakely active than the complexes. Overall the ligands and complexes are less active as compared to the stanadards contrimoxazole and Flucannozole used in this study.


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