The Principal is the Head of the Institution.


The college conducts programs which help in the all-round development of the students and also which supports healthy student-teacher-parents relationship. The programs are aimed at bringing discipline in the students. The college has a well maintained and spacious library is the best of all other colleges that come under Karnataka University. The important attention is the Telanga Memorial Library which contains about 2000 books which are related to ancient culture and most of which are in Sanskrit. There is also a separate Reference Section which has encyclopedia and many books that provide special information. There is also a separate section for magazines and periodicals. This is a special attraction for the inquisitive students.
Students have well equipped and spacious physics, chemistry and biology laboratories for conducting experiments. The students have the facility to handle the equipments individually.
There is a syndicate bank branch and post office branch, photocopy facility and also separate canteen for refreshments and lunch inside the campus for the benefit of the students.
A separate hostel facility is available for the students who come from different places. There is a career guidance centre which helps the students to choose the right career.

The students who intend to get admitted to the first year degree course should enclose the following documents along with the application form.

Student scholarship and fee concession and prizes the students who have got admission into the college will be eligible for the central and state government scholarships; fee concisions, and prizes. Any information regarding to this will be displayed in the college notice board as and when I it Is announced. The interested students must read the notice board and submit form in the prescribed format to the college office, failing which college will not be responsible.


The college offers all the central and state government scholarships and fee concisions.

Endowment prizes / Scholarships

Rules of discipline

  • Each and every student who has got admission should wear the identity card in the campus compulsorily.
  • The students should wear uniforms compulsorily.
  • The students should not indulge in any activities that will spoil the college campus or building. Riding two wheelers or bicycles in the corridor, dirtying the walls and any such activities are strictly prohibited.
  • In the college campus every student should follow the rules of discipline compulsorily.  Server action will be taken against the student who show indiscipline or any sort of misbehavior.
  • The students should appear for all the tests that will be conducted failing which they will not be allowed to fill the annual examination form.
  • Loitering or wandering in the corridor during classes is strictly prohibited.
  • Attendance shortage, mischief in class, disobedience, use of bad words, disrespect and any such indisciplinary action will not be tolerated. the Principal’s decision will be the final in such cases.
  • The students cannot enter or leave the class without the permission of the teachers.
  • Organizing programs, contacting associations or institutions related to the college or giving any press statement without the knowledge of the principal is prohibited / banned.
  • The students should be present in the class before the teacher enters.
  • The college students playing against college team is considered as an act of indiscipline.
  • The students who represent the college in various sports activity should not indulge in any act of indiscipline or any activity that will spoil the image of the college, the student should obey their team leaders or supervisors.
  • In case of any matter of concern/difficulty the principal should be approached and the matter should be resolved in a peaceful manner. Student who indulges in illegal moments, exhibition or strikes will be severally punished.
  • Vehicles should be kept in the allotted place/parking lot. The student who gets motorcycles, scooters or moped to the college should posses a valid driving license compulsorily.
  • Students should not bring any strangers to the college campus. The students are not allowed to meet their friends/relatives during the class hours. Students are allowed to meet their parents or relatives only in case of emergency and with the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Students are not allowed to enter classes which are not related to their subjects.
  • The use of mobile phone in the college campus has been banned.
  • The following action may be taken against the student who is found guilty of breaking any rules of discipline.
  • A warning may be given and it may be brought to the notice of parents.
  • The student may have to pay some fine.
  • Fee concessions, scholarships, book bank facility given to the student may be withdrawn.
  • The student may be suspended from the college for a certain period or permanently.
  • The student may be expelled from the college.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  • In case of any matter of discipline Principal’s decision is final.

Classes and Subjects

As per the directions of Karnatak University Dharwad, semester system has been introduced from the year 2005-2006 for B.A/B.Sc part 1.
B.A semester I and II
Group I Languages
a)English (compulsory)
b) Any one of the following subjects

  • Kannada
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit
  • Additional English

Group II Optional subjects
Any one of the following combinations
1) Kannada, Sanskrit, History.
2) Kannada, Economics, Psycology
3) English, Sanskrit, History
4) English, History, Political science
5) Hindi, Political Science, History
6) Kannada, Sanskrit, Sociology
7) English, History, Psychology
8) History, Political Science, Economics
9) English, History, Sociology
10) Political Science, Economics, Sociology
11) Kannada, History, Psychology
Group III Compulsory Subjects
Semester I   Indian constitution
Semester II  Human rights and Environmental studies
B.Sc Semester I and II

For B.Sc students Computer science and Biotechnology has been introduced.
Group I Languages- Compulsory subject opted for Arts section
Group II Optional Subjects
Any one of the following combinations to be opted

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  •  Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
  • Chemistry, Biotechnology, Botany
  • Chemistry, Biotechnology, Zoology
  • Physics, Mathematics,  Computer Science

Group III Compulsory Subjects  for Arts Section
Second year: B.A/B.Sc III and IV Semester
As per 2005-06 semester system, students should continue the subjects taken in the first year. There is no provision to change their Languages and Optional subjects.
Group III Compulsory subjects
Semester III: Communication skills and Personality development.
Semester IV: Computer Applications
Third year: B.A/B.Sc V and VI semester
The B.A part III students should take at least one basic language studied in Part I and Part II. There is no provision to change the Optional subjects in B.A part III.
The B. Sc III students are not allowed to change their optional subjects after B.Sc II.

College Gathering/Annual day function
Various cultural and sports competitions are held. At the end of the academic year, prizes are distributed to all the winners during the college hours from 10 am to 5pm. Eminent personalities are invited to address the students. There will be entertainment programs after the prize distribution


  • As per the university committee rules the student should have at least 75% attendance. The attendance will be taken regularly, the absence will be excused only when student submit the medical certificate given by an authorized doctor. The students are required to submit a letter regarding his/her medical leave. Further betterment of the quality of education the students should have 75% attendance at the end of every month compulsorily.
  • The very moment the student gets ill, he/she should submit a leave letter starting the cause of their illness. This may be done within three days after they start attending the college. Any letter after the prescribed time will not be accepted and will be invalid.

Office Administration
There is a separate staff for office administration. Admission, examination work, payroll, audit and other office work are fully computerised

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